One to Smile integrates the recipients name or any other message as if it was photographed that way. This results in significantly higher attention and identification with the message received. For example, clients using us to enrich their Email-Campaigns profit from higher response rates of up to 267% as compared to standard personalization. Additionally, One to Smile enriched E-marketing has already resulted in an immediate return on investment of 700% for one company.

One to Smile can be used for any online and mobile communication as long as it is kind of personal.

The challenge for both private and commercial communication is to be recognized out of hundreds of messages and offers and to convince the recipient to then take positive action.

One to Smile solves the problem of how to attract and connect the message and the recipient with a positive impact. It does so by taking advantage of the basic human patterns of perception. The combination of name + image + the illusion that the image was uniquely created for the recipient, captures a person’s attention within milliseconds. It goes straight into the subconscious where emotions and instinctive decision making take place.